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Dashboard System Admin, MVC and API Framework with PHP Postgres-SQL and jQuery PHP Script

Dashboard System Admin, MVC and API Framework with PHP Postgres-SQL and jQuery PHP Script

Dashboard Admin

Permission => create user and add permissions of routes.
Create controller,model,view from terminal.
User with a specific role
User can modify the the personal data and password
User can add single or multiple movies from IMDB
User can add single or multiple books from google
Super user can change role delete or insert role, can add permissions or delete them,
This project support multilingual site now(it/en).
Notifications, if a user do an action , a notice is added to super user.
Super user ca added just one time, if you want to change, tou do that manualy ti db.
For now is suported the postgres.
Multiple tenmplate

Setup :
after download and extract prepare the host, go to /App/Core/_data/nginx
and see the example of nginx file.

Create local domain http://gomvc-admin.local on /etc/hosts .
Note:: for this project is used the composer if you dont have the composer installed on your computer you can take from website

After install if you don’t se the routes,you can generate with command ‘composer dump-autoload -a’. but before must create the db:


and go to App/Core/_data/_schema/sql_query.sql ,sql_natyre.sql , sql_movies.sql , keys.sql install all tables. For all data install the dump App/Core/_data/_schema/gomvcdump.sql where is included , users, roles ect ect;

Command for dump postgres
pg_dump –host=localhost –username=gomvc gomvc > gomvc-admin-lucultura/App/Core/_data/_schema/gomvcdump.sql



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