Online Job Campus Scheduler (Devloped by:Muskaan) PHP Script

Online Job Campus Scheduler (Devloped by:Muskaan) PHP Script

Project Details:

Project Title:- Online job Portal Website

Front End:- PHP 5.3.10

Back End:- MySQL 5.5.20 Database

Other Tools:- Adobe Dream viewer

User: – 1) Admin 2) Employer 3) Job Seeker

This Project useful for Engineering, Diploma, BCA, MCA, BscIT and MscIT students for their Final Semester .

Module Specification:

Manage Admin User.
Mange Employer.
Manage Job.
Manage News.
View Feedback.
Generate Various Report.
Manage Profile.
Upload Job.
Manage Walking Interview.
View Application.
Send Call leter.
Job Seeker
Request For Registration.
Login to the Portal.
View Job.
Upload Educational Detail.
View Walking Interview.
Search Job.
Send Application.
Give Feedback.



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