Students Activities and Grades Information System send via SMS PHP Script

Students Activities and Grades Information System send via SMS PHP Script

This is a complete System for student Activities and Grades Information System send via SMS.
System features:
• Adding of New Student, update and delete information of a specific student.
• Student grades are automatically computed
• The registrar can send the Grades to all students
• The Supreme Student Government can send the different activities through SMS
• Add new activities, update and delete each information
• Add new Departments update, delete each information
• It has a user management system
• User login logout system
• Can create update and delete new Subject.
Instructions on how to set-up the system:

Software needed:
XAMPP =>local server;
To set up site
1. Copy the studinfo folder inside the htdocs folder. ex:C:\xampp\htdocs\
2. Open a browser ex:Google,IE,Mozilla
3. type localhost/phpmyadmin/
4. to set-up the database
5. look for the database file insaide the studinfo folder
6. the file namely studinfosms.sql
7. then on the phpmyadmin create a database namely studinfosms
8. import the file studinfosms.sql
9. if successfully installed
10. then test the site
11. by openning localhost/studinfo/

ODBC Connector

OZEKI =>local SMS Server;
–>Install OZEKI NG Server
–>Create accounts
–>go to users and applications
–>Add user ex:Joken
–>select Database user Interface
–>Configure accounts by setting database connection
–>connection string type ODBC
–>connection String: Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Server=localhost;Database=studinfosms;UID=root;PWD=;Option=4;
–>click OK

–>On the Service Provider
–>click add service provider connection
–>Click Autodetect to detect find the modem used
–>leave the sms centre
–>but set a phone Number used.
–>click OK
–>click connect

Username: admin
password: mainadmin



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