Login and Chat Application (AJAX,PHP-PDO and MySQL) PHP Script

Login and Chat Application (AJAX,PHP-PDO and MySQL) PHP Script

Have you ever wished to make your own chat box? So bad if not! Nevertheless, chat boxes are just an amazing work of programming and art which have tremendous usage; either it’s good or bad. Before going through, I’ll first give my own definition of the word chat box, chat box is a place where user can input or type user’s message and that message will be sent and be viewed into user chat mates’ screen in real-time basis.
After defining chat box, next thing will be the introduction of the programming compositions of the project that will be made:
• PHP – It will be the manager of the chat box, why I called it manager? Just stick to the tutorial and it will be thoroughly discussed.
• MySQL – It will provide the back end portion of the project.
• AJAX – It’s an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which will be the key for avoiding full page reloads.



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