PHP SaaS Contact Management application PHP Script

PHP SaaS Contact Management application PHP Script

Rainbow is saas-like php contact management system. It has a simple system for adding, retrieving and editing contacts.
The project is very good for people who are starting to learn PHP. Almost all web applications have some form of CRUD system (create,retrieve, update,delete). So starting your php journey by learning how to build a CRUD system is a very good decision. On this project you will learn how to:
Add, Edit, Retrieve and delete records
Create a simple trash can for records which allows you to restore deleted records
Create groups and group records
Create a simple sign in page and sign up form that logs in a new tenant upon sign up which eliminates the need for sending email with account activation link to every new tenant
Add extra security to your web project with tokens
Create a settings page so tenants can change their email and password anytime.



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