Automated Voting System Using PHP PDO Query PHP Script

Automated Voting System Using PHP PDO Query PHP Script

This is a complete Automated Voting System using PHP. This system can be use both online and offline basis the system is pack with many features such as;

1. Security
– Each Student can register only once using their ID Number
– Each Student Can vote only once
2. Categorize display of position by tabs.
3. Graphical display of election results.
4. Dynamically add, edit and delete position, course, student details, and candidates.
5. Print Election results.
6. Count the total number of student who voted and not voted.
7. Limit the number of senators to be vote.
8. Secure Query Using PDO Query.

Hope this code will help you on your projects.

Note: the database and the complete file are attach on the zip file.

Database Name: onlinevoting

To login in admin add this in the url “adminlogin.php”, Use the account bellow to login in admin panel.

Username : admin
Password : admin

To login as student to vote use the account bellow.
Username: C-08769-15
Password: geraldine



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