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PHP RegEx: Case Insensitive PHP Script

PHP RegEx: Case Insensitive PHP Script

In previous tutorial we match at the beggining of the string given. But that is a case sensitive. If your condition like this: if(preg_match(“/^ABC/”, $string)) then the value of your string “abc”. The script will returned with this message:

No match found

This is because of case sensitive. But in this script we will make the condition insensitive using regex “i” for insensitive. Shown below:


  1. <?php // create a string
  2. $string = 'Ronard';
  3. // try to match our pattern
  4. if(preg_match("/^ron/i", $string)) {
  5. // echo this is it matches
  6. echo 'The string begins with Ron';
  7. } else {
  8. // if not match is found echo this line
  9. echo 'No match found'; }
  10. ?>


Even if your string given are ROn, rOn, RoN the script will read insensitive and display the message “The string begins with Ron”.



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