Build Shopping Cart w/ Checkout in PHP Script

Build Shopping Cart w/ Checkout in PHP Script

I just rewrite the code included in this post to fix minor problem encounter by other PHP programmers who can’t run the shopping cart.

The code is taken from this link:

As you may have noticed, a lot of programmers are screaming for help on how to fix some bugs on this tutorial. Since I cannot upload the code in the said website, I decided to post it here. Still credit goes to “Richard Clark”.

Changes on the code are following:

Change “<?” to “<?php” to handle php correctly. Some old program still uses “<?” to run PHP code. However, PHP 5 is not stricter and requires you to use php after <?, unless you configure Apache to allow such a shorthand support.
Add echo command instead of equal (=) sign.

Note: If you run the code prior to downloading this code, make sure to clear your browser cache.



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