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Japha v1.0 Development Tools PHP Script Download

Japha v1.0 Development Tools PHP Script Download


1) What is Japha?
a) Origins
b) Motives

2) Requirements
a) Why PHP 5?
b) Backwards Compatibility?
c) Man, what a low blow

3) How-To
a) When to use it
b) Why to use it
c) How to use it

4) Package/Class Overview
a) http
b) io
c) iterator
d) lang
e) pdbc
f) swing
g) util
h) xml

5) Importing Packages and Classes
a) Packages
b) Classes
c) Head’s-Up’s



Japha is a free, open-source API for php that is loosely based on some of the most
(in my opinion Fundamental) classes in the Java API. The Japha API is lightweight,
and can be used in nearly every situation that can arise (chances are it doesn’t
contain a solution for EVERY problem). Japha is portable… It comes contained in a
single directory, and can therefore be easily added to any existing project that you
may have. It’s also self-reliant (for the most part), meaning that you don’t need
all of the classes to use some of the classes (See the Head’s-Up’s for more information
on some issues with this)

1.a) Origins


Download File


Read Me


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