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Youtube Video Downloader v0.5.1 PHP Script Download

Youtube Video Downloader v0.5.1 PHP Script Download

YouTube Downloader finally supports YouTube videos with a cipher signature too.  Please note that this functionallity is hidden behind a config flag because it downloads javascript code from a 3rd party (YouTube) server and interprets it. This MAY harm your server, if the 3rd party server delivers malicious code.

  • Create a library that delivers data and download links for youtube videos.
  • Create a UI for downloading the videos.
  • Have no external dependencies to other services.
  • Have no external dependencies to other libraries in production.
  • Installation should be foolproof (unzip on server and go)


You must fit at least this requirements to use YouTube-Downloader:

  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Web server (Apache/Nginx/PHP built-in)


There are multiple ways to set up YouTube-Downloader


You can manually visit a web form (the index.php file), enter a YouTube video id, and get in return a list of links showing the various formats in which that video can be downloaded. You can simply choose “save link as” or the equivalent to download the file.

Second, you can directly target the getvideo.php script, passing in a videoID and preferred format, and you will get redirected to the file itself.


Download Link:

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