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Read Me

Read this page to know about script Support, Review, Working, Etc.


Post PHP Scripts and Remove PHP Scripts

We post such scripts which are free but in some cases we are posting premium scripts which we collect from various sites. For that we are not responsible.

If you are really owner of any script which are posted in ? Then send us a complaint to remove your script from Remove Request Link

We will take immediately action to remove your content from under your complaint or DMCA Notice.

Noted: Submit with necessary requirements , documents with complaint.


Why some scripts don’t work Properly ?

Scripts are worked able. First check the zip, rar, and tar.gz file and read the read me.txt. Script provider writes about how to work php script. So Firstly you will have to know requirements of script. Such as: PHP version, Mysql version etc… What is required to run script. You will have to know whether your server is perfected for script or not. Here are some old scripts which won’t support in php 7 version. Which may support/work on PHP 5 or Less. Thus your script will work.

If you don’t know how it will work then you can take assistance from script owner.

For this Open Zip, Rar script and find readme.txt or install.txt or open any .php file and read first line. Sometime script owner puts his/her contact address on it.


License must read.

We highly recommend you to read license.txt from zip, rar. We mean read script’s license.

Some scripts require its owners permission. We suggest you don’t use any script which are not free but involved with License agreement.

For that we won’t be responsible.


Support and Answer.

We are not stand to provide you fully supporting about scripts. As much as possible, we will provide support. For that, you will have to aske question on comment of script or may contact by our Facebook Page.


Installation and manually

Some scripts are of install.php or install file. If you run it then the things will appear to install.

Click here to see how to install a php script by using install.php or install file.

Click here to see how to install a php script by sql file manually.