Music Grabber v1 PHP Script

Music Grabber PHP Script v1

Mp3Grabber is a web app which basically helps in downloading and ripping remote audio files. It could be zip file or single mp3 file. You can even upload the files from local storage. Who doesn’t want clean audio tags right ?

After downloading files on the server it basically reads MP3 meta tags than you can edit the tags or add or may be change the cover. you have the option in converting it to multiple bitrates from 48 Kbps to 320 Kbps. There’s this progress bar for everything like converting, downloading. After conversion you can download the files anytime even can make zip of that album and download it.

The main reason behind this app were my friends. They basically have this music sites so they need someway to manage & convert & rip audio songs. It’s not possible to download songs then rip them and then upload them again. It’ll be a very long process. So this is where this app comes to play. No need to download anything everything will be on the fly. They can than use these links on their site with hotlink protection, resumable download and even with tags of their own site. The App is more like Plug And Play. you don’t even need to install mysql. it can work with sqlite which is a file based database. its all portable.




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