Internship Portal Management System v1 PHP Script

Internship Portal Management System v1 PHP Script

Hi guys,

This is my first project on sourcecodester and 15th project in php. I hope you will love it!

The internship portal management system helps the student of the university to find their internship easily . The system have two users the admin on the back-end and students on the front-end.

Any students have the privilege to apply for the posted interns but only those who are registered can apply for the post. For more projects and documentation and IT Projects contact Liberty T at gmail, [email protected], +263778046755.

The project was build using PHP, HTML 5, Bootstrap, CSS, JS and MySQL. For connection create database name db_issm and import the database tables, for more credential see on the database tables.

To access admin type intern/admin,

user name:admin
pass: admin.

For student:
username: chatikobo
pass: 1234

You can register your own new user and login with that credential.

I hope the project will help you to learn code enjoy your code, I encourage you to do DRY CODE ie (DONT REPEAT YOURSELF ) DO this by learning OOP you can learn it at they pay for their tuts but its worth it in 2 weeks you will be someone trust me, if you dont have cash you can use it’s for free.



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