Online Catering Reservation PHP Script

Online Catering Reservation PHP Script

This system allow customers to reserved catering services online using PHP and MySQLi. The system provides a step by step process in creating catering reservations from filling in personal information, event details, package details and mode of payment. The system does not cater payments. Email is then sent to the provided email address containing reservation details. Note: Email works if hosted online. Email doesn’t work locally.

Features of the Online Catering System

  • Allows customers to reserve catering services online
  • Manage reservations
  • Manage Food Packages
  • Manage menus, categories, events, teams, team members and user.
  • Provide menu orders to easily identify needed number of servings for every event.
  • Assign teams for every event
  • Accepts and monitor customer payments
  • Generates a graphical report of approved reservations and monthly sales.
  • Sends email notifications which contains customer name, balance and reservation status once reservation status is changed.
  • Provide a summary of reservation
  • Customer can track reservations using a 10 character unique code.

Admin URL Login: localhost/reservation/admin
Password: 123

Host: localhost
Database Name: reservation
Database Password: l3ading
Database File: reservation/db/reservation.sql



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