Srudent ID Generator PHP Script

Srudent ID Generator PHP Script

Project Title: Automatic Student ID Generating
I have developed automatic student Id generating project to help students who are developing student information system.

The scope of this project is automatically generating student identification number from database.
Prepare student profile in excel and sort in ascending order with name and then import into MySQL database. It will generate four digit automatic ID.
example: RIOT/0001/09- the last two digit indicate students admission year.
The first character represent program like regular, evening, summer etc, the remaining three characters represent college id like Institute of Technology(IOT).
1.Unzip and move to the localhost directory: var/www/
2.Go to phpMyAdmin and create database name: student then import student.sql from autoidgenerate folder.
3.Go to web-browser and invoke localhost/autoidgenerate/
4.The log in page will appear and then enter the
a)user name: deje



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