Personel Property Equipment System PHP Script

Personel Property Equipment System PHP Script

Main Programming language use is Php.
Design interface: Bootstrap including CSS, Javascrip, HTML5.
This system uses lots of useful functions for you to use.
This system also has a responsive design compatible with mobile devices.

The functions of this system are:

For the admin side of the system

Add, edit, Item information
Add, edit, Delete Department
Register Employee or personnel
Add,Edit, Delete, admin user and Guest user
Add, edit, Delete, Employee or personnel information
Assign and relaese item
Borrow Item and Returned
Transfer Employee who Borrow Item in different Department,
Checking Returned item status whether in good condition or defective
Returned item if good condition can be realease again and mark as Re-use
Can Generate report every trasaction
Can update Defective item whether referable or Dump
View Release and returned item
View log-in trail of the admin and Guest user
View System activity log

Admin login
UN: jonremus
Pass: admin1



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