Feedback System using PDO PHP Script

Feedback System using PDO PHP Script

This simple Feedback System using PDO in PHP. Today, there’s a lot of websites that accessible on the internet. Using this simple tutorial, the user can learn to communicate to the owner of the website by using the feedback system which commonly used as a contact us in the websites. Most of it, they offer your full name, email address, and/or a phone number which the user can start to communicate to the authorized person of the website to contact it.

Here’s some list why should have a feedback system in the websites.

Convenient to the users – They can start to contact the authorized person of the website automatically without confirmation of their email account to send a feedback or message.

Security – In the general term, the message submitted by the user to the website must be encrypted for the user’s security like their credit card number or their confidential information.

Helps the user/customer relationship management – It can help to everyone that can give a better to best customer service by the websites.

These are the few things reason why it has a feedback system on the website.

Database Name: contact_us.sql



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