Learning Management System PHP Script

Learning Management System PHP Script

have here my last system project that I make when I’m a student. This M-Learning have lots of useful functions for u to use. This system also has a responsive design compatible with mobile devices.
The functions of this system are:

For the admin side of the system
•Add, edit, delete student information
•Add, edit, delete teacher information
•Add entry like subject, class, school calendar
•View log-in trail of every user
•View activity log of every user

To access the admin side of the system just add “/admin” in your url.
Username: Admin
Password: Admin

For the Teacher User of the System

•The teacher can Create his/her Class
•After creating a class the teacher View the students for that particular class
•Upload Downloadable materials for his/her class
•Create practice quizzes for students
•Grade students assignment
•Post announcements
•Create class calendar of events
•Message co teacher or students

Example user for teacher
Username: chaw
Password: chaw

For the Student user of the system
•Sign up for his / her account
•Can view classmates in his / her class
•Answer practice quizzes
•View evaluation of assignment and quizzes
•Download downloadable materials in a class
•Upload downloadable material
•Message a teacher or his/ her classmate

Example user for student user
Username: 21101050
Password : akositon



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