Access Digits Counter PHP Script Free Download

Access Digits Counter PHP Script Free Download

This script display a access counter on your Web page. It include
some tag IMG of your Web page…

2. System Requirements:

– A web server, with PHP3 or newer;

3. What this archive contains ?

This archive comes with 6 files:
1) Informations (GPL).
2) README: This file.
3) LISEZMOI: French doc…
4) count.php: The PHP script.
5) count_data.txt: File contain data.
6) digits/ Directory contain digits images tags.

4. Installation and Configuration:

It’s a PHP script, so installation is pretty easy.

Copy ‘count.php’ and ‘count_data.txt’ in your good directory.

Change permissions to ‘count_data.txt’ for be writing by nobody (chmod a+rw)

Edit ‘count.php’, you will have to do some configuration:

$COUNT_FILE = "count_data.txt";
// En: Absolute path and name to count data file.

$IMG_DIR_URL = "./digits/";
// En: URL Directory of digits (0.gif ... 9.gif).

// En: Minimum number of digits to display (0, to not use 0 left).

Change the end of script to change look, warning, you souldn’t change PHP
code (under '<?php ?>').

7. Version history:

Version 1.0 02/28/2000 – Script Created.

Latest version and New Scripts can be found at:

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, bug fixes
criticism, or just a happiness messages.

If you run into any problems while trying to configure these scripts
first read this file carefully, if you don’t find any solution, send me a Mail.



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