Accessing Separate Databases Using PHP/MySQL PHP Script

Accessing Separate Databases Using PHP/MySQL PHP Script

he purpose of this project is how to add data into separate databases using a single PHP code.

The project title is Student information system.

I have developed this project for helping students who are developing a system to access two or more organisation databases in one system. For example Telecommunication database and bank database.
The telecom database provides the mobile card number, sim card and Internet services to the customers.

The bank database also saving customer money and transaction money when the customer bought the mobile card and other telecom services.

Therefore, like using one click recharging system the customer can access the two databases at the same time. That’s why I have developed this simple project to help interesting students.

1.Extract the zip file
2.Move the folder to apache web server: /var/www/ directory
3.Go to PHPMyAdmin and Create two separate databases : StudentDb and User
4.Import the tables of each database files were located in the project folder.
5.Start the apache server and invoke the localhost/sis/form.php on the web browser



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