Motor Dealer Catalog App PHP Script

Motor Dealer Catalog App PHP Script

Motor Dealer Catalog app.
User interface (Front-end): HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
Logical part / Database (Back-end): PHP & MySQL.
 Data consistency
Easy to interact
Easy to upload data and delete
Easy to enter new data
Easy record keeping
Backup data can be easily generated

Xampp or
Easy PHP

Installation steps (configuration)
1. Unzip file on your local system
2. Put this file inside Xampp/htdocs/
3. Database configuration open phpMyAdmin
4. Check if Apache and MySQL are running well on the Xampp control panel or configured to auto start
5. Create a database named motor_vehicle_dealer
6. Import database motor_vehicle_dealer found in an unzipped file
7. Open the file, open the model folder open the database file with code editor like notepad and change the username and password based on your MySQL database system if no password live it empty and save it. e.g. $username = ‘root’; $password = ‘ ‘;
9. Open your browser put inside browser url: http://localhost/



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