Using Cookies in PHP Script

Using Cookies in PHP Script

This is a very simple and basic tutorial in PHP. This will teach you how to use and set cookie in PHP. Cookies allows the webmaster to store user’s or visitor’s information to be accessed on the next visit in the website. It is usually used in logging in, to store the username and password. But note, don’t use cookie on an important information.
Here is the code to set the cookie:



    $cookie_name = "visitors";
    $cookie_value = "GeePee";
    $month = 2592000 + time();  
    setcookie($cookie_name, date("F jS - g:i A"), $month);


And here is the code to retrieve cookie:



    if(isset($_COOKIE[$cookie_name])) {  
          $last = $_COOKIE[$cookie_name];  
          echo "Welcome back, " . $cookie_value . "! <br> You last visited on ". $last. ".";  
    } else {  
          echo "Welcome to our site, ". $cookie_value. "!";  




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