Computer Base Test Web App PHP Script

Computer Base Test Web App PHP Script

Thanks for downloading a copy of myCBT web app, you dont need any knowledge of WAMP/XAMP SERVER
installation. Simply click on usbwebserver, wait for apache and mysql to run, then click on localhost

Some of the features include

-100 question
-question can include mathemathical expression and images (What You See is What You Get form editor)
-add as many subject as u like
-upload question with excel format
-It can run on LAN-WLAN and online
-SMS integration…..that is parent/student receives message as soon as the student complete his or her exam
-Instant Result
-First login attempts is to write exam, while account will be deactivated after the time is exhuasted or
he or she ends exam, then the second logins attempts will show questions and answer review, then the admin will
have to re-activate the account to set candidate to re-write exam
-Export result to excel
_Set time



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