OneForum 2.0 PHP Script

OneForum 2.0 PHP Script

OneForum is a simple, easy-to-use three-level forum that uses a MySQL database. The first level is the categories, within which you can open topics, then the posts are in topics. It also includes a private message system, news or announcements. The download version includes full explanation, administration interface as well.


1. Download and then extract the attached file.
2. Open the config.php file in the data folder with a text editor.
3. Configure the MySQL connection data, headline, urls, and the webmaster email address.
4. Upload the program to your storage.
5. With the browser, open oneforum / setup / install.php on your hard disk, first create database tables, and then create the administrator user in the next step.
6. If you are finished or you are about to delete the setup folder from your cache.

You can now use the forum, you can access this admin interface on the oneforum / admin page.



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