Online Ordering System Using v3 PHP Script

Online Ordering System Using v3 PHP Script

This Online Ordering System of Burger Shop shows the very basic online ordering system a sample online site that customers can order multiple and different burgers by selecting the “buy button” this also includes the official receipt of customer by clicking the “download receipt”(MS WORD FILE). The customer also can leave private message to the website for their concerns and can also leave comments as well and the admin can view the message through notification. It also includes the basic Sales Report that shows the statistics of your business and it computes the entire sales from the month you wanted to start by using month picker till the end of the month of your choice. All Burgers/Product are editable including of their availability and their information by the hand of Administrator. The customer cannot create own accounts. Only the Administrator and Sub Users can change every details of the system. The site are made also by Java Scripts and Ajax for sub functions (for message notifications, flashing effect and pop up effect) CSS/HTML for the interface. If you have any concern of the system please free to comment. I share this system for purposes.
To learn the student the basic PHP programming. All codes are not in Object Oriented Base so everyone can learn easy.
Please this system is for learning purposes! don’t try to use this system for your projects or something. Please make this as reference only. I am currently studying and I am trying to learn more and improving myself not only for programming i also explore myself from different I.T tasks such as Graphics and Designing, SAP Business. So Let us learn more and gain more information. Whalllahhh 🙂 please leave comments when you download my works



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