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Social Networking Website PHP Script

Social Networking Website PHP Script

some features
1.home page desgin like facebook
1.1:post status
1.2:upload Photo with description of photo
1.3:subcomment for your post by other users
1.4:simley icons in comments section
1.5 post comment in any language(ie:Nepali,English,Hindi etc)
1.6:rating system
1.7:Time in ago Format ie 2 sec ago
1.8:photo comment
1.9:Fetch youtube video through url
1.10:Notification system by ball bouncing
1:11 clickable link extraction
2:private Message System
3.10:Friend request system
4.11:group chat
5.profile update
6.change profile photo and coverphoto
7.facebook like search
8.Responsive Design



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