Scholars Tracking System v2 PHP Script

Scholars Tracking System v2 PHP Script

Hi I want to share to you this system made in PHP, MYSQL , PDO and Bootstrap 3. For some of beginner there who want to create project. The code in this system is easy to understand. The concept design of the system is good has a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), and some of the common functions of a system you may build can see in this system.

Some Features and function of this system are:

1. To Track Scholars of an organization
2. Able to See Information of Scholars
3. For Scholars user they can update their information and view as well their co-scholar Information
4. Post Announcement
5. Upload photos
6. And Many More.

Database can be seen on the db folder filename sts.sql

To access Admin side just add “/admin” in your Url.

Hope that this system may help you a lot in creating your future projects.



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