Trainscript Student columbans Add Develop PHP Script

Trainscript Student columbans Add Develop PHP Script

The Student Transcript Processing System is a complete system created using PHP/MYSQL and a Twitter Bootstrap Framework. This system has an administrator side has a data entry for student, courses, Grade level, Faculty, Department and Rooms. The system also has an import and export information of student in student module and import for Course and Grade level module. The Student Transcript is generated by semester under the Student Enrollment Records. The admin side of this system can enroll subjects for students and assign the subject loads in each instructor or Faculty. The faculty is able to add grades for each student. And all the subject scheduled can be seen under class module. The User Management System is also available in this system.

I have also included the sample pdf file for import of student, Course or Subjects and Grade Level you can find this file inside the folder named “for import”.
You can log on to system for admin side using this account:
Username: [email protected]
Password: pitou_pum
For student side you can use the ID number of students during the registration for Username and the Password is The same ID as default.

To install the system, extract the downloaded file and paste it inside the document root. Then create a database in your Phpmyadmin named “columbans”. Next import the database found inside the main folder named “columbans”.



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