JKUAT Unit Registration System PHP Script

JKUAT Unit Registration System PHP Script

This is a JKAUT unit registration online system online whose main aim is to standardize the process of capturing, storing and retrieval of student records. Those records are then made available at any other site that has subscribed to the framework.

It is also aimed at enabling the faculty and records managers keep track of student records regardless of the university they attend and to enable them make good informed decisions regarding their students based on their courses.

The student themselves are also able to track their own individual course records by registering as users of the system.

Through this system, student records are saved in a professional way and space for storing the physical files is significantly reduced.
The records are also stored remotely in a secure place away from the actual physical hospital where they are prone to various types of damages. From this remote location, anyone in need of the records can access them provided they have the right credentials, they have been authenticated by the system and they have the required authorizations.
This system shares the advantages of both web application and desktop application (web browsers) application and remove the most disadvantage of both.




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