Library Management System v3 PHP Script

Library Management System v3 PHP Script

Hello guys i have here a Library Management System for E.B magalona national high school this is a system that i created together with my friends, it is written using PHP/Mysql. This system is useful for some beginners who what to learn basic of PHP cause this system has five basic important function such as Add ,Edit , Delete , View or Display Data and search.

This system has many features such as:

1. Book records management
2. Report Generation (Book Inventory);
3. Auto search of data in the table
4. Filtering of book data by its status
5. Advance search of books
6. Borrow and Return books function
7. A combo box with a search bar for searching members
8. Book deduction if borrowed

Hope this code will help you on your projects.
Database name: eb_lms in the “db” folder.

Username: admin
Password: admin



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