D-load Mobile CMS PHP Script

D-load Mobile CMS PHP Script


2-level folders
Preview pictures
jar and jad files with the same name are counted as a single file
Counting the total number of files, the number of new files, and the total seats held by them
The ability to assess a file on the 5th scale
The possibility of leaving comments to the file
Two versions of the display page: WML and XHTML mobile

To download files ispolzuyustsya only means the server.

Extensions of additional files:

Suppose we have a file java_igra.jar, then
java_igra.jad – answerable to him jad file
java_igra.jar.GIF or java_igra.jar.JPG or java_igra.jar.PNG – screenshots
java_igra.jar.opis – a description of the file
java_igra.jar.kmt – commentary (created automatically when you add the first comment)
java_igra.jar.ocnk – evaluation, voice-over file
java_igra.jar.name – The name of the file (if you want to write in English)
java_igra.jar.skch – the number of downloads

Files that are invested in a folder:
dir_name.txt – the name of the folder
dir_img.png or dir_img.gif or dir_img.jpg – folder icon (if not used as standard


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