DNscript Domain Listing PHP Script

DNscript Domain Listing PHP Script


Hello there

i would like to thank you for downloading my script. This is a fully working domain trading script where you as an admin are allowed to let your visitors to list their domain name in your database.


There are only 4 files that you can edit.
1)The header.php placed under “inc/” inside the root folder. If you want to use your website logo, enter the full path to your logo.gif and also specify the alt tags
2)You can place your site copyright in the footer.php which is allocated under root “inc/” Please do not remove our copyright as we had contribute our time on it. Our service will remain free as long
as you respect our effort. Else, we will take a legal action on it
3)Open up your config.php under “inc/” and fill in the database information
4)Open up your config.php under “admin/inc” and fill in everything. This looks exactly the same as the previous one except their is admin username and password.


The installation is very easy. What you need to do is to create a new database, then open up “sql.txt” that we provide, and paste it to create the tables. That’s it! Very easy….!


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