ZeusCart v4.0 Shopping PHP Script

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ZeusCart v4.0 Shopping PHP Script


ZeusCart is an open source e-commerce script that is published for free with English and Chinese language options.


The sample visuals in the script have been removed because it is 30 MB.


– cURL
– Simple XML
Above MySQL 3.23
5.4.0 or higher
safe_mode off
file_uploads open
allow_url_fopen is on
magic_quotes_sybase off
sql.safe_mode closed
PCRE extension off
ini_set function off
memory_limit> = 32M or higher
zlib library
GD image library


1. Discard all files to your server.
2. Enter your site. Click Next to skip the input text.
3. You will see the terms of use of the script. Check the box at the bottom to accept the terms and click Next.
4. You will reach a page that checks that the script requirements are not compatible with your server. If there are no problems, click Next again.
5. Enter your MySQL database information, but click Next without checking the Sample Data button.
6. Enter your site address and administrator information and click Next.
7. Set your language and currency information and click Next.
8. Complete the installation by pressing the Skip button in the Live Chat section.
Note: For your security, delete the install folder in the main directory after installation.

It was never so easy to learn PHP from the previous script! at.


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