Bkdizayn v2.0 Content Management PHP Script

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Bkdizayn v2.0 Content Management PHP Script


Bkdizayn content management script, developed in 2010-2011 and offered for sale as a paid content management system. It has been decided to distribute free of charge by Bkdizayn in order not to sell for a long time and to prevent illegal sales.


1. Administration panel
2. Theme support (6 themes available)
3. Slide area
4. Announcements section
5. Photo gallery (can be turned off)
6. References (can be turned off)
7. Ability to create pages / sub-pages
8. Ability to edit the footer
9. Contact form


1. Create a mysql database and import the content.sql file contained in the SQL folder from this database.
2. Open inc> connect.php file with a text editor and enter your database information.
3. For ckEditor settings, open iy_admin> ckfinder> config.php with a text editor. Enter your site address on the 50th line. Go to line 70 and enter your server path (you can find your server path by entering your site address.com/your.php from your browser).
4. Give chmod 777 to the following folders. If you do not know how to give CHMOD value, you can check our article here.
images / gallery
images / gallery / small
images / reference
images / reference / small
images / slides
images / slides / small


Dashboard: www.yourdomain.com/iy_admin
Username: admin
Password: wmscripti

Note: For your security, after installing phpMyAdmin by entering the database you have installed the admin table, edit the information in the table.


Installation in Subfolders
If you are going to install the script in a subfolder, you need to open the .htaccess file in the main directory, iy_admin> ckeditor> config.js, iy_admin> ckfinder> config.php (lines 50 and 70) with a text editor.


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