Color Corporate v5.0 Company PHP Script

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Color Corporate v5.0 Company PHP Script


Rank Corporate v5 script is a detailed, advanced script that can be used for corporate company / company. It is distributed by Color Informatics and Edeel Design. Installation, extra plug-in and color support are paid by the company. The producer asks you not to remove the link from the bottom of the script.


1. Management panel (multi-admin support)
2. 3 language options (Turkish, English, German)
3. Photo gallery
4. Product categories
5. Banner support
6. Call support
7. Institutional, services, references, news, our products, pages modules
8. Order feature
9. E-Newsletter feature
10. Form, order notification (via mail and panel)
11. Removing a mailing list (.xls)
12. Rss support
13. Social media buttons
14. Contact page (map supported)


1. Create a MySQL database.
2. Open _edeel_config.php and nepanel / settings.php files with a text editor and enter your mysql database information.
3. Grant write permission (chmod 777) to the following folders. If you do not know how to give CHMOD value, you can check our article here.
4. To obtain a license key, enter it here and enter your domain name and click the Create License button.
5. Enter your site’s administration panel. Set your site information by typing your license key in the Site settings section in the left menu. When you save the settings, the installation is complete.
Note: After installation, you need to add product, news, photos, slideshow banner to make your site fit.


Administration Panel:
Username: admin
Security Note: For your security, change the name of nepanel folder after installation.


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