Ata Corporate Firm PHP Script

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Ata Corporate Firm PHP Script


Ata corporate firm script is a nice script that you can publish your company’s content. This script, which has a useful structure with the management panel inside, will be no different from the professional firm scripts if it is developed further.


System requirements
1. Ioncube
2. Mbstring function


1. First, create a database. Then import the company.sql file in the SQL folder that comes out of the rar file that you downloaded to the database you created. If you do not know how to import, you can get help from our article here.
2. Then, open the Site Files> ayar.php file and edit the following sections according to your own.


$Ayarlar->url        = "";
$Ayarlar->host       = "localhost";
$Ayarlar->db     = "Database Adı";
$Ayarlar->dbuser = "Database Kullanıcı Adı";
$Ayarlar->dbpass = "Database Şifresi";
$Ayarlar->tema       = "v1";


3. In the same way, open the Site Files> administrator> ewcfg9.php file and edit the following database information in line 42 according to you.


define("EW_CONN_HOST", 'localhost', TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_PORT", 3306, TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_USER", 'Database Kullanıcı Adı', TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_PASS", 'Database Şifresi', TRUE);
define("EW_CONN_DB", 'Database Adı', TRUE);


4. For your Admin panel username and password, edit the admin login information on line 190 in the ewcfg9.php file.


define("EW_ADMIN_USER_NAME", "admin", TRUE); // Administrator user name
define("EW_ADMIN_PASSWORD", "wmscripti", TRUE); // Administrator password
define("EW_USE_CUSTOM_LOGIN", TRUE, TRUE); // Use custom login


5. Discard the files in the Site Files to your server and give the following folders a CHMOD value of 777. If you don’t know how to give CHMOD value, you can get help from our article here.

upload folder
upload> thumb folder

6. Ata corporate firm script has been installed. Scriptin admin panel information is given below.

Admin Panel:
Username: admin
Password: wmscripti


Zip File Password:


Download File


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