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Website Value Calculate PHP Script Free Download

Website Value Calculate PHP Script Free Download

Website Worth Calculator v3.9 – Nulled PHP Script Free Download. Calculates Estimate Price of any Website. It’s useful for Webmasters to see how their work Positively or Negatively affects the result. In Addition, the Script allows users to sell their Websites. User-friendly Interface and Notification System will do the job easier and more Enjoyable.



Demo and Author


  • Introduction

    Experience the best statistics calculating script ever made. Website Value Calculator is the most unique and efficiently written script. It provides everything you want to know about a website. You can check worth of a website, its page rank, page speed, domain authority, its bounce rate, traffic statistics, pages indexed in search engines, Alexa graphs, website safety statistics, SEO statistics, social media statistics, domain and web server statistics and even more. Website Value Calculator calculates very accurate statistics that are approximately equal to well known websites like alexa.com etc. Website Value Calculator built with fully mobile responsive design. This ensures that your website will look absolutely flawless and beautiful on every mobile and desktop device. Purchase this script with the confidence in knowing that your website will be well-suited for all the latest mobile and pc technologies. It also has strong cross browser support and utilize power of open source technologies for its main components.

  • Features
    • Website’s Worth Statistics
    • SEO Statistics
    • Social Media Statistics
    • Website Safety Statistics
    • Alexa Statistics
    • Search Engine Index Statistics
    • Traffic Statistics
    • Domain Information
    • Web Server Information
    • Related Websites
    • SEO Friendly URL’s
    • 100% Responsive Design
    • 100% Pentested Security
    • Easy Language Translation
    • Powerful Admin Panel
    • Manage Websites
    • Bulk Upload Websites
    • Currency Settings
    • Filter Bad Websites
    • RSS Feeds
    • Website Sitemaps
    • Analytics Settings
    • Ads Management
    • User Comments
    • Pages Management
    • Social Media Ready
    • Statistics Widget
    • AJAX Based
    • Quick and Easy Installation
    • Easy to Use
    • and more…
  • Installation

  • Requirements
    • Operating System : Linux
    • Web Server : Apache
    • PHP Version: 5.4+
    • PHP allow_url_fopen
    • PHP GD Library
    • PHP Multi byte String
    • PHP CURL
    • MySql: 5.0+
  • How to install?
    1. Unzip “upload.zip” package in an empty directory on your webserver where you want to install the script.
    2. Go to and follow instructions.
    3. Follow step by step wizard to install Website Value Calculator and fill in all the fields that are required.
    4. If you See Successful Installation message Please delete /install directory from your website.
    5. In case of trouble you can contact via our support desk. Support Desk or you send us email via Contact Form
  • Installation

  • API Keys
    • Note: Domain Authority Stats Will Not Work Without Free Moz API
    • After Getting Your MOZ AccessID and MOZ Secret Key Login to your Website Value Calculator Admin Panel and Click On Api Settings. Enter MOZ AccessID and MOZ Secret Key and Click Update.
  • How to Upgrade?
    1. Take Backup of config.php file located in config directory of your script installation.
    2. Overwrite older files with new one’s but also keep older files in /uploads folder.
    3. Or if you have modified script check list of modified files and overwrite selective files.
    4. After Successfully Overwriting Files. Restore old config.php file.
    5. Run And follow instructions to update.
    6. Done.
  • How to Import From Version 1.0?
    1. To Import Version 1.0 Database.
    2. Run And follow instructions to import version 1.0 database.
  • Usage

  • How to use?
    1. Goto where you have installed Website Value Calculator.
    2. Login using your Account details you have provided during Installation.
    3. From Website Settings You can change website title,description,keywords, logo, favicon etc
    4. Go to Social Settings and Enter your Facebook,Twitter and Google+ Profile IDs.
    5. Go to Ads Settings Enter your Ads Code e.g Google Adsense code
    6. You can also change user details from Login Settings
    7. There are plenty of more settings in admin panel to play with.
  • Support

  • How to get Support?

    Open a support ticket HERE.
    Or send us email at : Contact Form.

    Before you send a request for support make sure you have done the following things.

    • Read the full documentation file.
    • Check if your question is not already in the Item Comment section on codecanyon.
  • Coustom Modification and Enchancement

  • Can you add some extra features for me?

    YES! we can modify this script for you and add some extra feature.

  • Can you change design for me?

    YES! we can fully re-design this script for you according to your requirments.

  • How can I contact you for custom work?

    You can contact us using skype : nexthon.tech
    or you can email us Contact Form


March 10, 2021
Full PHP Script

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