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his basic YouSendIt style clone allows you to create a professional site to enable your customers to share files in the easiest possible way. No more worrying about the dangers and hassels of emailing or FTP’ing large files around the internet. This site provides the functions to let clients come and get files when they want them in a reliable way. Whether you need an elegant file sharing solution for your business, are adding on functionality to existing web, this script can be the foundation that you need to get started. The script provides quick and easy setup and ease of use for visitors as site registration or membership is not required, and as the site administrator you can monetize the website by selling advertising space. Server recommendations This script works on PHP 5, PHP 5.1 ,PHP 5.2, PHP 5.2.17 and all versions below 5.3MySQL 5 or higherRecommend dedicated server (dualcore 3GHZ, 1GIG of RAM) Cpanel Hosting We recommend a dedicated server from Hostgator. They provide Curl & Pear which is needed for some of our scripts and they provide an ideal platform for our scripts. We have aranged for our customers to receive 25% off Hostgator hosting using coupon code: websiteclonescripts please see our terms and conditions and compensation disclosure on our legal page.


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