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WHMC Full Version 6 Download is a hosting manager.

Version 6.0 introduces a new client area template theme named six. This will be the default theme for all new installations.Upgrading will not change the theme your WHMCS installation is configured to use and all previous templates compatible with WHMCS 5.x versions can still be used in Version 6.0.We will continue to support and maintain today’s current default client area template theme in V5.x under the template name five. However, please be aware that new features and functionality may not be fully supported by default in the “five” theme either now, or in the future. For the avoidance of doubt, new functionality may only be implemented to the “six” theme and not backported to “five”.With the release of WHMCS 6.0, we are also deprecating our two oldest client area template themes – classic and portal. As of this release these client area template themes will no longer ship with WHMCS and will receive no further updates. They will continue to remain in the 5.3.x releases until such time as 5.3 reaches End of Life.We strongly recommend that all new custom themes and templates are built based off the latest current client area template theme six in order to take full advantage of the latest improvements and new functionality.Detailed information on working with the new theme is available.


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Key: Mecho.Network

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