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Data API code snippets tool

In addition to the samples listed on this page, the Data API Code Snippets tool provides short code snippets for common YouTube Data API use cases. Code snippets are currently available for all read-only API methods in Apps Script, Go, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

For each method, the tool shows code samples for one or more use cases. For example, it provides five code snippets for the search.list method:

  • List videos by keyword
  • List videos by location
  • List live events
  • Search for the authenticated user’s videos
  • List related videos

For each use case, the tool displays the parameters used in the API request. You can modify the parameter values, in which case the tool updates the code snippets to reflect the parameter values that you provided. The tool also displays the API response to each request. If you have modified the request parameters, the API response is based on your provided parameter values.


How to set up ?

  1.  Download the zip from below link.
  2.  Upload in a domain or sub-domian.
  3.  Now go to inc folder and open func.php
  4.  Now create a Youtube v3 Api Key. Click Here
  5.  Again go to func.php and insert the key to there key line.



Download Link:

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