Yetishare File Hosting v4.3 PHP Script Download

Yetishare File Hosting v4.3 PHP Script Download

Full support for mobile, tablet and desktop access using our included ‘Flow’ theme. Even the admin area is responsive for mobile. Additional payment gateways, rewards program, media streamer, image viewer, FTP upload plugin and more. Create your own custom plugins using the plugin framework. Our multi-file uploader is ajax based, written in HTML5 and is supported by all modern browsers. Unlike other file upload scripts, it has no reliance of Flash or Java applets so the user doesn’t need any additional plugins installed within their browser. For supported browsers, it also uses ‘chunked uploads’. This breaks apart the file before uploading in order to bypass any server limitations.Ajax based multi-file uploader.Support for chunked uploads if supported by browser. Bypasses PHP limits and any tmp folder size restrictions. This is useful if you plan to allow larger file sizes.Percentage progress, upload speed, size & time remaining. (supported browsers only)Drag & Drop support to begin uploading.Links to forum, stats, sharing etc, quickly available once the files have been uploaded.Copy all file links to the clipboard button.Set the maximum upload file size for free & paid users via the YetiShare admin area.File information page with the following:Full path to the file. (short url)HTML code to directly copy into a website.Forum code to directly copy into a forum.Link to statistics for the file.Link to remove the file.Links to share with common social media sites; Facebook, Twitter etc.Link to share via email.



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